Enrollment Terms


Terms and Conditions

Membership in the Advanced Prevention Program at Boulder Internal Medicine is subject to the following terms and conditions: 

1: Membership Fee

Each patient agrees to pay an annual membership fee of $1,825 to participate in the program. The annual fee may be paid by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. If the patient does not pay the entire annual fee at the beginning of the year, additional charges may be imposed and we will require that you authorize us to charge the fee to your credit card. The membership fee is not reimbursable under any insurance plan. To avoid termination from the program, you must be current on fee payments. 

2: Included Services

The program includes the following services: hearing and vision screenings, renal ultrasound screening, carotid, thyroid and aortic screening ultrasounds, a certificate for an EBCT heart scan, plus a periodic newsletter. 

3: Renewal

You will need to renew your membership each year. Two months before the end of the membership year, we will send a letter to the address you provided, outlining any changes in the program or the membership fee for the upcoming year. If you do not wish to renew, you must notify us in writing of your decision before the renewal date. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you are terminating your membership.

4: Cancellation

There is no long-term obligation to remain in the program. We want everyone in the practice to be happy and satisfied with the service we provide. However, if you choose to cancel your participation before the end of a participation year, you must notify us in writing of your decision. If you have not received any of the included services listed in 2 above (other than the newsletter), your membership fee will be returned on a quarterly prorated basis. If you have received any of the included services listed in 2 above (other than the newsletter), your membership fee will not be returned. 

5: Discontinuation / Change of Practice

If it becomes necessary or desirable for Boulder Internal Medicine to discontinue or change the practice substantially or make material reductions in its amenities or to increase the annual fee, we will notify you in writing at the address you provided. If you elect to cancel your participation and notify us in writing of that decision within 30 days of our notice, we will return the membership fee subject to the terms in 4 above. 

6: Adult Children

Children, ages 18-26, of any paying member of the Advanced Prevention Program may be seen by Dr. Blanchet, Dr. Maiocco, Dr. Johnson, or John Campbell at Boulder Internal Medicine for no additional charge. Included children will not receive the screening tests or the certificate for a heart scan. The included children, their health insurance or third party payment program, or both, will be financially responsible for all services received at Boulder Internal Medicine. 

7: Not Insurance

The program is not health insurance or a health benefit plan. You, your private health insurance or other third party payment program, or both will continue to be financially responsible for all services you receive that are not specifically listed as an included service in 2 above. Furthermore, the program is not intended as, and is not a substitute for, emergency medical services.