The Practice

Exceptional Care for Exceptional Patients

 The Advanced Prevention Program (APP) provides a novel approach in healthcare designed to prevent what can be prevented and diagnose early diseases which cannot be prevented. This new model of practice results in a dramatic improvement in service for you as a patient. APP is member based and has an annual membership fee of $1825 per individual. The membership fee may be paid by cash, check, or credit card. The fee will not and cannot be paid for by insurance, but may qualify for payment from a Health Fundings account. 

Experience and Professionalism

 Our center has experienced physicians and technologists to ensure the best quality result possible. Our understanding and involvement in preventive cardiology, lung screening and emerging screening technologies is ongoing and we are committed to provide only the highest quality services. William Blanchet, M.D., Amy Maiocco, M.D. FACP, Jennifer Johnson, M.D., John Campbell, PA-C and Kylie McBride, FNP-C have established expertise with internal medicine and disease prevention. 

Physicians who Care

  As an Advanced Prevention Program member, you will see how our practice differs from standard primary care practices. Since there is a limited number of memberships, we have the time to address your health and wellness needs and concerns in depth and to your satisfaction. Our medical practice model is designed with prevention in mind and therefore results in a greatly enhanced approach to medical care. See the full lists of program benefits here