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What is the Advanced Prevention Program?

What's Happening in Healthcare Today

Primary care physicians have been forced to increase their patient load and reduce the time they spend with each patient. This has made getting appointments more difficult, waiting time in the office unacceptably long, and visits short and hurried. Phone conversations with your physician are a thing of the past. Valuable and critical new testing methods focused on prevention are often not reimbursed by insurance and therefore not done. This is not good for the patients or the healthcare providers.

Putting the Person Back in Personal Care

The Advanced Prevention Program at Boulder Internal Medicine has been designed to work for you in a way that uniquely addresses your individual healthcare needs. APP focuses on personal health and wellness programs developed specifically for each individual. Access to your physician is no longer problematic. Office visits are scheduled for longer time slots and there is significantly less waiting time, both for appointments and in the reception area. Telephone calls are returned promptly.

"Exceptional Care for Exceptional Patients"

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