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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Advanced Prevention Program?

The Advanced Prevention Program, or APP, is a personalized healthcare program that focuses on prevention, early detection, and effective intervention if needed. APP is compatible with Medicare and other insurance plans.

Why is there a $1825 annual membership fee?

The membership fee purchases many valuable benefits, not possible in a typical primary care setting. Some of these benefits are various screening tests and diagnostic procedures. By providing these preventive screening tests, we can detect disease at a stage when treatment is easiest and most effective.

How does my health insurance fit in?

APP is not health insurance of any kind. It is not a PPO, not an HMO, and it is not Medicare. Your health insurance will not be affected by your membership in APP. Your insurance will not pay any of the $1825 annual membership fee.

What about participation for adult children?

Your annual membership fee will include coverage for your children, ages 18 to 26 at no additional cost. Your adult children will have access to medical services. Their participation does not include any additional screenings.

Will I be billed for services?

Yes. Office visits will be covered as they have always been. Co-pays will be collected just as in a traditional office setting. Procedures will be billed to your insurance company as is done in normal medical practice and you are responcible for the amount not paid by insurance.

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